Happy Island is a nonprofit organization to support Fukushima after the quake


The word “Fuku” means happy in Japanese
The word “Shima” refers to island
Don’t you think the word “Happy Island” represents what Japan is supposed to be?

After the big earthquake in March, many people passed away, lost their loved ones and faced difficult circumstances. However, the disaster did not come to an end in such a short period, but another human disaster occurred; Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant went explored and spread not only radiation but also harmful rumor to the world.
Many people especially outside Japan are most likely to have heard “Fukushima” for the first time and get a creepy impression like Chernobyl. To be fair, actually it is not true. Of course, we are not sure how dangerous the radiation from the plant is making our neighborhood as we cannot 100% trust Japanese government. However, the information is significantly exaggerated and misreported via mass media. Therefore, we are here to scotch such a rumor.

March, 2013
We have updated various kind of reports.

Income And Expense

CD Distribution List

Leaflet Distribution List (Japanese only)

January, 2013
All CDs and leaflet has been distributed.
4000 CDs has been distributed all over the world.
We still getting Messages for Fukushima from people around the world.
More than 7,000 Leaflets has been distributed mainly in Fukushima.
Messages from the world are certainly reaching to Fukushima.

October, 2012

October 22th. About 1,000 piece of leaflet has been distributed to Minamisoma. City Hall, Tourist Office, City Hospital, Michinoeki (kind of SA), Live House, Hotel, Civic Support Center, and etc… We met a lot of people and volunteers working there, and heard so many stories about Fukushima from them. About compensation from TEPCO, live with radioactivity, economy and anxiety about the future, and relationship between children and elderly, and so on. Then we realized that problems occurred just after the earthquake and problems they confront now are different. “Support their long-term motivation, and help them returning their home” is another point that appeared in areas where has problems of radioactivity. We got an opportunity to think about it again.

Thanks to Chairman of the National Council of Social Welfare, Mr. Kamata (Haramachi Club), Mr. Takakura, Mr. Takamura, and so many people in Minamisoma.

July, 2012
Starting the distribution of leaflet in Aizu-Wakamatsu-area in Fukushima
Distributing about 850 copies in temporary houses, hospitals, city center and other several places

June, 2012
Starting the distribution of leaflet in Nakadori-area in Fukushima
Distributing about 2,100 copies in temporary houses, libraries, museums, bowling alleys and other several places
Starting the distribution of leaflet in Hamadori-area in Fukushima
Distributing about 950 copies in temporary houses, aquarium and other several place

May, 2012
Starting the distribution of leaflet, 300 copies were distributed mainly to temporary houses

April, 2012
Town-news, a local free-paper in Kanagawa and Machida area, introduced HIF’s leaflet in its April 7 issue.

Starting the delivery to Aizu-Wakamatsu, Hamadori and Nakadori area which were stricken by disaster
CD has been distributed in guest houses in Tokyo and many of them were quite happy to cooperate with us

March, 2012
Town-news, a local free-paper in Kanagawa and Machida area, reported HIF’s activities in its March 3 issue.
We received bunch of messages from all over the world
The leaflet, logging HIF’s activities and the messages we collected, has been ready to be distributed
The leaflet was pre-released in ALCENTRO, Yusuke’s bar

October, 2011
HIF CD was finalized and distributed to the world, having its booklet include the name of donators
We started receiving the message from the world to the victims

August, 2011
Starting to collect donations for CD
Donation was made by not only the friends and co-workers of HIF members but also the participants of rock music festivals held in various locations
As a result, we received the donation more than we expected
A special band by HIF members was formed and came on stage to play songs for victims including self-written ones at “Gathering for Tomorrow pleading to Sunflowers”, an event held at Minamisoma City in Fukushima on August 27
These activities were reported by local TV stations and some other media

July, 2011
As TV and other media reports the harmful rumors about Fukushima every day, Atsushi and other members started the volunteer project “Happy Island”
Having many friends outside Japan made us possible to collect the contribution songs from all over the world and decided to make a CD to help the victims out and make the harmful rumor away

May, 2011
Atsushi and Yusuke met a high school student during their volunteer activities.
They were moved by his attitude to stay positive although tsunami took his precious girlfriend away
ASUNARO, Atsushi’s punk band, made a song “Stars” for him and his girlfriend.
Atsushi and Yusuke brought the song with the movies to Fukushima.

April, 2011
Through the volunteer activities, Atsushi and Yusuke found that the media outside Japan were spreading the harmful rumor about Fukushima and it gave foreigners quite bad impression about Fukushima
Starting to collect donations from friends and co-workers, and the donations ended up with JPY 416,000
It was directly delivered to Minamisoma City via Sato-san, a member of Minamisoma City Social Welfare Council
Sakurai-san, the mayor of Minamisoma City, sent a certificate of appreciation

March, 2011
Atsushi and Yusuke started volunteer activities mainly in Minamisoma City in Fukushima Prefecture
They witnessed that the nuclear accident prevented Fukushima from recovering from the disaster, while Miyagi and Iwate, the areas also struck by Tsunami, were steadily advancing toward the reconstruction

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