Message for fukushima



Charles Wachira (Nairobi, Kenya)

Dear people in Fukushima,
We pray for you to heal your heats and for the members lost.

From Munir Chaudhri (Nairobi, Kenya)

Dear all in Fukushima,

Excellent work in staying strong to recover, keep it up.
We pray all mighty God for a quick recovery from the disasters occurred in Fukushima.

From Omar Chaudhri (Nairobi, Kenya)

Dear all in Fukushima,

May you recover from the Earth quake and Tsunami.
Kenya relies on Japanese products your quick recovery will help Kenya as well.
Stay strong.

Pimkwan Fon Wetayavigromrat
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Dear people of Fukushima,

There is always a rainbow after the rain. I’m looking forward to the see the rainbow that will be brought out by smile from Fukushima once again. 応援しています!

Tomoya Kawakami

世界中からの想いが詰まったこの素晴らしいCD。福島にはもっと多くの愛・途方もない力が集まるはずです。共に頑張りましょう。 ~Tomoya Kawakami~

Tamol Iro
(Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea)

I never been to Japan nor met you, but I want to encourage you. I pray for you all. Thank you for the CD!

Kero Seno & Naniso Apolos
(Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea)

We pray and believe that you will stand up and regain your strength.

Sakias Yautaki
(Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea)

I pray for you. Everyone around the world supports you. Luke 1:37 says “nothing is impossible with God.”

Be strong in faith.




na ka

I got CD “sing for fukushima” already
thank you

hope that everything will be okay soon
I know that It is a hard time
But, please… smile
tomorrow will come and great things are waiting for you all in the future (maybe today or maybe tomorrow)

Zi ping Lai

加油! (頑張れ!)

Feng -chi Liu

Hope for a rapid recovery, Cheer up!


Stay strong, the sunshine is coming.

Kate Huang

May your hearts be filled with love and strength, and knowing that you are blessed.

Wan-ju Huang

May peace be with you all , cheer up .

Yi-jei Chen

We pray for the rebuild soon. May our love and care reach your hearts and make you feel warm

John J. Mottola

“Stay strong Fukushima!”

Chokphiphat Chai
(Bangkok, Thailand)

We are sending you prayer and good wish from Bangkok. Hope you all are alright and keep on fighting. Su su na krab! [Gambarismasu!]

米谷 正剛


Masako Yoshida


少しでも早く東北の方たちに笑顔と落ち着いた暮らしが戻りますようお祈りしています。Toi Toi Toi!

Ivo Anderegg

We all pray for you. Greetings from Mallorca and a Merry Christmas

Rubén Reyes

We wish you all the best! Saludos desde Palma de Mallorca

(Sydney, Australia)

We admire the strength of the people of Fukushima and know that you will all get through this

(Sydney, Australia)

Through all of your hard work and courage you have found a way to get through a period of great adversity. We wish you the best for the future

(Delhi, India)

The inside of the world be fortunate!

Sammer & Suheel
(Srinagar, India)

Just be a Strong Fukushima people.
I see news about what happening there with you people I am so said but what to do.
Just be a strong, if life you have to finish.
Good Luck.

Pappu & Asutosh & Jay
(Varanasi, India)

Hello I am Indian. I pray for god save Fukushima. I like to many Japanese people like a good man. I talk many Japanese like good protion. God help for Fukushima people.

(Varanasi, India)

I don’t know much about Fukushima. But I wish the Fukushima is get well soon. And I wish well all us be happy. is happy island. Fukushima we are with you.

(Varanasi, India)

I hope the luck of Fukushima.


Love from Spain to the people of Fukushima. Stay strong!!
Your brother,


Dear all in Fukushima

I was really encouraged with your strength
and learned a lot of things.
You can make the “happy island” again.


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