CD Project

Replace spreading out Fukushima’s harmful rumor with spreading out our charity CD

19 local musicians from all over the world pull together to eradicate Fukushima’s harmful rumor to make a charity CD for Fukushima, so we need your help.

What drove us to initiate this project is that we were overwhelmed by the harmful rumor when we did volunteer just after the quake in Minamisoma area in Fukushima, which is only 10 – 20km away from the Fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. We especially found that the nuclear accident significantly deteriorated the reputation of Fukushima from overseas. It basically resulted from the exaggerated coverage sourced from mass media such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and unreliable internet sources.

Then, we were just wondering how we could revise the bad impression which was already embedded in people’s mind. Finally, we realized that only more reliable source can overwrite the previous rumor. What is more reliable source than mass media then? The answer is obviously your family, friends and those in your close communities, in other words someone in local. Therefore, we got an idea not to ask mass media for help but to cooperate with people in each local region all over the world.

Since we fortunately had music as a strong tool and knew many musicians around the world, we created one charity CD which consists of emotionally fueled songs from 19 musicians who wish to make Fukushima harmful rumor-free place. The concept of this charity CD is totally different from other compilations delivered by big name artists, whose purpose is mainly to collect donation from their earnings.

Once the CD is spread around the world and many people receive it, we will show “How many people around the world are thinking about you and willing to give you a hand” to the victims in Fukushima with some proofs such as pictures, videos and messages from those who got this CD.

Consequently, I have a special plea for you. We want you to donate some money to make this CD and distribute to the world since we are not selling it but giving for nothing to the world. We will put your name, your company or whatever you like on the CD and your name will be spreading to many countries with CD. Even only $10 would be great help.

Please keep your mind that your small donation will make a significant difference.

We sincerely appreciate for your cooperation,
Happy Island Fukushima Project members

Yuri Kamei
Satomi Kojima
Yoichi Isobe
Yusuke Shiino
Akio Sawamura
Shunsuke Ito
Kenichi Uchiyama
Takashi Asai
Atsushi Yamazaki

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